Monday, November 29, 2010

What a night!

Gosh tonight has been interesting!

The kids are currently getting over an illness which involved lethargy, fevers, coughs & upset tummy. It then goes away for about 12 hours, only to return with another fever & lethargy. So tonight was Bailey's turn for the return. We had to give him ventolin as his cough was getting very bad. It helped ... a little. He was soon complaining of a headache from coughing, so I sent him to bed with a wet face washer on his head & neck.

He came out complaining again - just as Maximus began fussing because he was tired, teething & has a wee belly ache. It's OK - I can handle this. I have no pain relief for Bailey's headache, so I quickly duck out to get something.

Get home & Bailey seems fine, but I give him some pain & fever relief tissue salts anyway. Send him back to bed & attempt to boob Maximus to sleep. He proceeds to kick, squirm, moan & pull off for a while. 10 deep breaths, he will go to sleep soon. This goes on for a bit longer & I can hear Bailey is still coughing in his room. Soon enough Bailey is in our room again. This time he is sobing, coughing, sobing, sniffing, coughing, grasping his head & almost howling in pain.

Matt goes to him & he is able to have another tissue salt now. Max wakes up but continues boobing. Matt takes Bailey out to the lounge room. I am torn. Maximus needs me to go back to sleep but my heart is aching to hold my big boy as he sobs on the couch in his Daddy's arms. I pull Maximus off because I just can't keep myself away from Bailey anymore. He doesn't move, phew.

I go out to Bailey & cuddle him & stroke his hair to relax him. He calms down & stops coughing & therefore his headache gets a bit better.

Next thing I hear Maximus wake up. UGH!

Back I go, try to pat him back to sleep but he is squirming around again, so I lay back down with him & give him the boob. The lounge room is quiet at least. A few minutes later I see Matty carrying Bailey back to his bed & again I feel pulled to make sure Bailey is OK. Maximus seems to be in a deep sleep so I take him off again & this time he *really* doesn't move.

I go in to Bailey's room, Matt is laying beside him stroking his hair & Bailey appears to be asleep. PHEW!

I look up at Jocelyn (who shares a room with Bailey) & notice that her undies that are peaking out of her nighty are slightly darker than they should be. "Is she wet?" I ask Matt - Yep he nods! It's OK, we'll just change it all.

We've become quite good at tandem changing sheets in the middle of the night now. We get it all ready, one changes the wet child, one changes the bed & they are back in bed all snuggled up before they even have a chance to wake up properly.

So that's all done & dusted. Matt & I stand in the hall way looking at each other, waiting for something else to happen. We blow out the breath we have been holding & manage a smile.

I joke that maybe we should check Cooper 'just in case'. We giggle a little but head to his room anyway. Open his door & we are hit the God awful stench of SHIT! Yes I swore because it was FOUL!

Everybody with me now 'UGH!'

So I get everything ready & leaning into his cot & manage to keep my dinner down while I change his stinky nappy. Cooper briefly wakes but just lays there, probably thankful for the clean bum!

By now, we're not giggling. By now, we're wondering WTF is going on!

& on that note, I must go - Maximus is waking up again!


Peace out

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Student of the Week!

Matt & I were both worried about how Bailey would take to Prep. Bailey does not cope well with big changes so we were concerned that the transition from Pre-Prep to Prep, a whole new environment, people etc, might've been too much for him.

He prooved us wrong & has continued to prove us wrong & amaze us every day. His first day of school he surprised us by how at ease he was. We had done lots of preparatory talks & drives past the school & commenting about how he would be going there soon & he seemed really eager. Even when we went to the information day he was excited - even though he didn't leave my side when given the option to go play while I talked to the teachers.

Anyway, back to his first day. He stayed by our sides a bit, but soon enough he was happy to go & sit on the carpet & read a book quietly with himself. Matt & I glanced at each other silently wondering when our little boy had grown up!

Soon after we mentioned to Bailey that we were going to go soon. He wasn't fazed at all! So we took advantage of this & decided to go. That was hard for me! I'm very protective of Bailey & wish I could have stayed with him all day! But he was fine & had a FANTASTIC day!

He has absolutely loved school ever since!

What has surprised us even more is how well he is doing with his reading & writing! He has amazed us & his teachers. Every time we talk to his teacher she sings him praise about how well he is doing in Prep!

The other week he excitedly told us how Mrs Gamer was so impressed with him because he was able to sound out & spell 'banana' all on his own! Apparently Mrs Gamer told him that it looked like a teacher had written it because it was so neat! He was mighty proud of himself, as were we!

Anyway, I'm getting carried away again.

The principal Mr Matthewson rang us on Friday morning to let us know that Bailey would be getting a Student of the Week this week so we could be there for it. This is his 2nd for the year.

So we went along & sat up the back & my eyes welled up as Mr Matthewson called my boy's name & up goes my little guy who has suddenly gotten so much bigger, so quickyl, & hands him his well deserved award. I swelled with pride as I heard his little voice in the micrpophone say "Thank you". Even though he was shy standing up in front of all those people, he still remembered his manners!

My heart is so full of love for this little big man of mine, that I feel it could burst!

I'm so proud of you Bailey, you're truly amazing!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cooper Time

Tuesdays & Fridays are the days that Jocelyn goes to Kindy. On these days Bailey is also at school - so it's just Matty, me & the 2 little boys.

These days are Cooper's favourite days of the week I reckon! Don't get me wrong he LOVES his siblings & loves fighting, I mean - playing with Bailey & Jocelyn, but for just 2 days a week he is able to play by himself.

He is able to play with ANY toy he gets his hot little hands on!

He gets to sit & colour without getting the crayons ripped out of his hands.

He gets to play in the little play car outside without having to stop to take turns with anyone.

He gets to have cuddles with Mummy & Daddy without being interrupted.

Although he has a ball without them - it's priceless watching his little face light up when we go & get Bay & Jo!

Cooper is such a loving little boy. He has so much love for just about anyone.

Peace out

Monday, October 18, 2010

Not a Happy Chap

I think my poor little Lamb is not well. I expected it - I've almost lost my voice after being infected with a cold. He hasn't been very happy at all today, no matter what I do. Actually, he wasn't very happy overnight either. He woke about every 1-2hours! He never even did that as a newborn, so I knew something was up. He would have a quick feed then fall back asleep. But then he would start tossing & turning & fussing. I cuddled him most of the night which seemed to help him get a little bit of sleep. Poor little guy, I hate it when they are sick.

Today he has been just as upset - though, bless him, he has still managed to smile at us a fair bit! But all he wanted to do was feed & when he would get upset he would cry out & then cough, then cry some more - guess his throat is sore too. So I just fed him lots to soothe his poor throat & he perked up a bit.

But I had some orders to finish & was *so* close to finishing when Maxi started to fuss as he needed to sleep but was too upset to drift off. So Matty took him outside for a bit. I went out to see how Maxi was doing a little while later & Matty was playing with the kids on the driveway. He was laying on his back on the driveway & was holding Maxi above him. I sat down beside Matty & Max saw me & let out a delighted squeal & my heart lifted just to see him happy again. In his excitement Max forgot to swallow & Dada caught a big faceful of Maxi dribble! Yum!

Here's hoping he sleeps well tonight & wakes up feeling better in the morning!

Peace out

Sunday, October 17, 2010


When Maximus was a newborn I carried him in a ring sling. Soon enough though he was too big & more aware of his surroundings so he didn't want to be lying down, hiding away anymore. He wanted to sit up. So I decided to use the Baby Bjorn that I had - then I read about how they aren't the best for baby's spine so I bought a mei tai carrier.

I loved it, it was the best carrier I've ever bought & Maximus was so comfy & secure as well!

So I started wearing him around every time we went out & sometimes at home as needed. Though I found it hard to do some house duties with him on my front, so I'd end up just walking around getting frustrated at things I could not do.

Matt also loved wearing Max in the mei tai & sometimes when we went out we would argue over who's 'turn' it was to wear the baby - I always won of course!

A little off track but on Saturday we were at Jo's dance class & because she is only new we stay in the room while she dances. Max was in the mei tai & was tired & started to crack. I worried that they would ask us to leave the room which would upset Jocelyn & didn't want to unwrap the mei tai & lug it around etc so I somehow manoeuvred my shirt, his mouth all the while keeping it discreet & I breastfed him to sleep while standing there watching my daughter dance - AWESOME moment. Not much to some, but it was a moment of triumph for me.

Ok, so back on track. Today Maximus was fussing, Matt was mowing the lawn & I desperately needed to get some housework done. So I grabbed the mei tai & got Matt's help to get Maximus settled on my back. At first it actually felt a bit odd - but after a bit it was really comfy!

I leant forward to do something & felt Max put his cheek on my back - then I felt it get heavier. He had falled asleep. I walked past the mirror in our room to have a look & yep he was snuggled in, fast asleep.

So with him like that I hung out 2 loads of washing, swept the floors inside & the concrete outside where Matt was mowing & then I had to take the mei tai off as it was beginning to hurt my shoulders. But it was SO nice to be able to get my chores done & keep Maximus happy (or asleep) at the same time!

Now I have no excuse for a messy house!

Peace out

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Nephew!!

Today I became an aunty again!

My brother Matt & his wife Jaime welcomed a healthy baby boy, Mason Owen, into the world just after lunch time today! 

Matt & Jaime have been together for many years & in a few weeks will celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary! What a better way than with a squishy newborn!

I have only seen photos that my Mum took when she was privileged
enough to go up & see the new family tonight & he looks VERY cute! I cannot wait to meet him!

Congratulations again to the newest parents , welcome to the world little Mason, & welcome to parenthood Matt & Jaime. Your bubba boy chose awesome parents!

Peace out

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wrong Job

I haven't made an entry in a few days - I lost motivation - but I am back now albeit without photos for about 2 months.

Bailey has gone to a few different Daycare Centres throughout his young life as we moved around. He was in a ABC centre in Brisbane when he first started, then we moved down to the Gold Coast so he went to an ABC centre down there. When we moved back up to Brisbane we put him back into the first ABC centre he went to.

Unfortunately I quickly became unsatisfied with the centre, especially the 'carers' at that centre. So we took him out.

One day we were driving home & even though we had seen the centre that was literally up the road from us, we hadn't even thought to try there. So Matt went in to ask about whether they had a 'Pre-Prep' program to prepare Bailey for school the following year & the director/owner, David, suggested we go in for an 'interview' to talk about the program. So we did & goodness we were impressed! Qualified staff - not just childcare trained - the leader in the Pre-Prep room had a diploma in Education as well!

We were instantly in agreeance that we should send Bailey here - even my usually shy, timid Bailey was eager to stay & play!

Fast forward a few months & Bailey was just thriving! He loved it & frequently got upset when it wasn't a Kindy day!

A few months later, Jocelyn was old enough (& VERY eager) to attend. The woman looking after Jo was an old friend from school too so that worked out well & Jocelyn settled in really well!

Bailey went off to school this year, & so Jo had to go to Kindy on her own - but she still loves it just as much!

Recently though, carers have been leaving & a string of relief carers have been coming & going. All this change makes me anxious & I'm sure Jo felt the same. Things settled down though & the new permanent staff were lovely & Jocelyn adores them!

Though this morning when I was dropping Jo off I saw that a woman who I was not very fond off was in Jo's room. Another woman, whom I & Jo are quite fond of was there too, so I didn't worry too much.

However, after I had put Jo's stuff away I was signing her in right next to the door, & the woman I am not fond of had returned to the room after leaving a few minutes before & I heard her talking to a child. What got my attention was her tone. It was downright nasty - no other way of describing it. So my ears perked up & I listened. I then heard her say "You are DISGUSTING" to this boy. My mouth dropped open! I turned to look & heard her say it again, as well as other threatening comments! I could not believe what I had heard!

Obviously she didn't know that I was in the room as when I then went to leave (after debating whether to take Jocelyn home with me after that! But luckily she was not in Jo's room that day) she must have then noticed me & came over to me with a panicked & flustered look on her face, & stuttered something about him pushing her all morning. I just shook my head at her & left.

I told Matt about it & he called David, the owner/director & explained what happened but David was already aware of her & how she is with the children & she had already been fired & was finishing out the week.

What kind of horrid person works with children & then treats them like that?

So glad she will not be at the centre anymore while my children are!

Peace out