Monday, November 29, 2010

What a night!

Gosh tonight has been interesting!

The kids are currently getting over an illness which involved lethargy, fevers, coughs & upset tummy. It then goes away for about 12 hours, only to return with another fever & lethargy. So tonight was Bailey's turn for the return. We had to give him ventolin as his cough was getting very bad. It helped ... a little. He was soon complaining of a headache from coughing, so I sent him to bed with a wet face washer on his head & neck.

He came out complaining again - just as Maximus began fussing because he was tired, teething & has a wee belly ache. It's OK - I can handle this. I have no pain relief for Bailey's headache, so I quickly duck out to get something.

Get home & Bailey seems fine, but I give him some pain & fever relief tissue salts anyway. Send him back to bed & attempt to boob Maximus to sleep. He proceeds to kick, squirm, moan & pull off for a while. 10 deep breaths, he will go to sleep soon. This goes on for a bit longer & I can hear Bailey is still coughing in his room. Soon enough Bailey is in our room again. This time he is sobing, coughing, sobing, sniffing, coughing, grasping his head & almost howling in pain.

Matt goes to him & he is able to have another tissue salt now. Max wakes up but continues boobing. Matt takes Bailey out to the lounge room. I am torn. Maximus needs me to go back to sleep but my heart is aching to hold my big boy as he sobs on the couch in his Daddy's arms. I pull Maximus off because I just can't keep myself away from Bailey anymore. He doesn't move, phew.

I go out to Bailey & cuddle him & stroke his hair to relax him. He calms down & stops coughing & therefore his headache gets a bit better.

Next thing I hear Maximus wake up. UGH!

Back I go, try to pat him back to sleep but he is squirming around again, so I lay back down with him & give him the boob. The lounge room is quiet at least. A few minutes later I see Matty carrying Bailey back to his bed & again I feel pulled to make sure Bailey is OK. Maximus seems to be in a deep sleep so I take him off again & this time he *really* doesn't move.

I go in to Bailey's room, Matt is laying beside him stroking his hair & Bailey appears to be asleep. PHEW!

I look up at Jocelyn (who shares a room with Bailey) & notice that her undies that are peaking out of her nighty are slightly darker than they should be. "Is she wet?" I ask Matt - Yep he nods! It's OK, we'll just change it all.

We've become quite good at tandem changing sheets in the middle of the night now. We get it all ready, one changes the wet child, one changes the bed & they are back in bed all snuggled up before they even have a chance to wake up properly.

So that's all done & dusted. Matt & I stand in the hall way looking at each other, waiting for something else to happen. We blow out the breath we have been holding & manage a smile.

I joke that maybe we should check Cooper 'just in case'. We giggle a little but head to his room anyway. Open his door & we are hit the God awful stench of SHIT! Yes I swore because it was FOUL!

Everybody with me now 'UGH!'

So I get everything ready & leaning into his cot & manage to keep my dinner down while I change his stinky nappy. Cooper briefly wakes but just lays there, probably thankful for the clean bum!

By now, we're not giggling. By now, we're wondering WTF is going on!

& on that note, I must go - Maximus is waking up again!


Peace out

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